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Throughout a Sales Order, there are two types of messages that your customer will receive:

  • System-Generated Messages
  • User-Generated Messages

Here we will elaborate further on the differences between these two types.

System-Generated Message Template

When you access the Message Template tab in the Settings, you will see that there are two Message Templates generated by the system, namely the New Sales Order and New Quotation templates.

These two type of message templates are used when you send the sales order/quote detail to your customers.

These two message templates cannot be deleted, but you can edit the message and customize it by adding Variables. 

Tips: Learn more about customizing your Message Templates here.

User-Generated Message Template

You can use this type to communicate more details to your customer or your vendor. You can add, update, and remove multiple Message Templates to suit your workflow.

To get started, we have three different Message Template Types:

  • Sales Order Message

    Sales Order Message template - It is used in your sales order's customer message template.

  • Quote Message
       Quote Message template type - it is used in your quote's customer message template.
  • Purchase Order 

    Purchase Order template - when you want to use it as a email template to email your vendor.

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