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YoPrint FedEx Integration allows you to generate shipping labels and access package tracking information directly from YoPrint. This article will walk you through on how to setup the FedEx Integration. 

Step 1: Get your FedEx Account Number

  1. Login to FedEx
  2. Navigate to
  3. Copy your account number

Step 2: Get your FedEx Meter Number

  1. Login to FedEx
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click on Move to Production
  4. Click on Get Production Key
  5. Fill in the following answers for the first page
    1. Do you intend to resell your software? No
    2. Check FedEx Web Services for Shipping (includes Rate, Track, etc.)
    3. Indicate whether you are developing your FedEx integration solution as a Corporate Developer or as a Consultation: Corporate Developer
    4. Click continue
  6. Next you will need to accept the terms.
  7. Next you will need to fill out the company information.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Check the box if you would like to update your profile settings and click Continue.
  10. Next you will see your Authentication Key and FedEx Meter Number.
  11. Copy your Authentication Key and Meter Number. We will need it in a bit.

Authentication Key Is Not Recoverable

There is no way of recovering of your Authentication Key. It won't be emailed to you either. Please record it somewhere and keep it safe. Otherwise, you will need to fill in a new application.

Step 3: Get your FedEx Meter Password

After completing the steps on Step 2, you should receive an email with your meter password. Please copy this password.

Step 4: Get FedEx Certification

Mandatory Certification Process

To generate labels or to get quotes with address validation, FedEx requires completing the production certification for Advanced Services With Label Certification. If you don't complete this step, you won't be able to use YoPrint FedEx integration

You can learn more about the certification process here

We've simplified the steps for you.

  1. Download WIS Label Cover Sheet.pdf
  2. Fill out your production credentials and your contact info. We've already filled out the following fields for you
    1. Service to be Certified: Ground and Express
    2. Printer Model(s) to be Utilized: Zebra ZP 450 ctp (This was the printer used to generate the test label that would attach later)
    3. How Many of Each Printer Model: 4
    4. Label Image Type: PNG
  3. Send an email to
    1. Attach the filled WIS Label Cover Sheet.pdf
    2. Download and attach FedEx Certification Labels.pdf
    3. Subject: Web Services Label Certification Process
    4. Body should say Please enable the Address Validation API as well

Once the certification process is complete, you will receive an email communication along the following lines.

Your labels have been approved. Thank you for choosing FedEx.

Next steps:

Your production credentials will be enabled in 24 hours (one business day).You will receive another email when your account is enabled for use in production.

Thank you

Barcode Analysis Group

FedEx Services

You can't proceed to the next step until this is completed.

Step 5: Enable Address Validation API with FedEx

For YoPrint to function correctly, we need Address Validation API enabled in FedEx. Unfortunately, you can only do this by calling them. Fortunately, it's very quick and the support staffs are great!

  1. Call the FedEx Support
  2. Choose FedEx Web Service in the directory
  3. Choose Fedex API in the directory
  4. Once you are connected to a FedEx representative, let them know you want to enable address validation API for your account.
  5. Provide your meter number and account number
  6. If they ask if you want to enable any other APIs, just decline
  7. If they ask you to test it, tell them you will do it later
  8. It should be ready

You can't proceed to the next step until this is completed.

Step 6: Configuration YoPrint FedEx Integration

Next we need to add your FedEx credentials in YoPrint.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on Integrate on FedEx row
  3. Key in your account information from Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 as well your password

Authentication Failed Error

Double check that the credentials are entered to YoPrint correctly. If the credentials are correct, please call FedEx Web Services Technical Support (say Web Services and then API when prompted). Ask them to enable the Address Validation API.

If the issue persists, please contact for assistance. 

Step 7: Configure Shipping Methods

In this step, we will configure the shipping speeds offered by your shop as well as add any markups if needed. The shipping methods are solely used during Quote / Sales Order creation and allows you to pass on the cost of shipping to your at the time of creating the Quote. When it comes time to actually ship the packages out, you will have the flexibility to decide the shipping speed and generate the correct label.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click + Shipping Methods
  3. Select External Integration for Method Type and FedEx Shipping for Integration
  4. Fill in the rest of the information
  5. Click Create
  6. Repeat Step 1 - 5 for ever shipping speed used by your business.


The markup / margins is used during the process of creating Quote / Sales Order and is applied to the estimated shipping cost.

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