QuickBooks Online - Common Setup & Sync Issue

Common QuickBooks Online Setup Issue

Problem: Tax Account Not Setup

It means your account does not have a TAX account setup yet, you can set it up by navigating to your  QuickBooks Online dashboard > tax to set it up:

Problem: Deposit, Shipment, Discount Not Enabled

To Fix It, navigate to your Company Settings in QuickBooks Online (top right gear button > Company settings) to setup your shipping, discount, and deposit accounts as follows:

Navigate to Company Settings Page

Problem: Duplicate Document Number Error

It is caused by YoPrint's invoice or purchase order duplicate number in QuickBooks. There are 3 solutions to this problem:

  1. You can remove the corresponding invoice/purchase order in your QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Disable "Custom Transaction Numbers" in your QuickBooks Online company settings
  3. Update the Invoice/Purchase Order Number on your settings page (Configure > Setting > General). 
    1. Note: You need to clone and re-save your sales order to re-generate the invoices with the latest Invoice ID.

If you still facing troubles in getting your QuickBooks Online integration up and running, feel free to contact YoPrint Support for help.

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