Configuring Square Payments

YoPrint Square Payments allows your business to collect payments in-person or online using your Square account. In this article, we will help you set up your Square account with YoPrint. To accomplish this, we must perform a 2 way link. We first link YoPrint in Square. We then link Square in YoPrint.

Step 1: Create an Application in Square

  1. Log in to your Square account at
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click on New Application
  4. Fill in "YoPrint" for Application Name
  5. Click Create Application
  6. Keep this page open.

If you have already created an Application specific to YoPrint, you can access it at

Step 2: Configure Square Webhook

  1. Navigate to and copy the Webhook URL.

    YoPrint - Square Payment Gateway Page

  2. Navigate to and select your YoPrint app.
  3. Click Webhooks on the sidebar.

  4. Click Enabled under Enable Webhooks.
  5. Paste the Webhook URL into Notification URL field.
  6. Click save.

Step 3: Link Square in YoPrint

  1. Navigate to

  2. Reference Credentials section of Square Application page.
  3. Before you begin - make sure your square is in "production settings".

  4. Copy Application ID and Personal Access Token from Square into YoPrint.
  5. We will start fetching your available Location. Once fetched, select a Location. This location will be used to collect payments online.
  6. Select Webhook Locations. These locations will be used to sync your in-person payments into YoPrint.
  7. Reference Webhooks section of Square Application page.

  8. Copy Signature Key from Square page into Webhook Signature field.
  9. Tick Enable Online Payment if you wish to collect payments online.
  10. Toggle Enable on.
  11. Click Save.

Your set up is now complete.

Using In-Person Sync

  1. You must add the Sales Order ID into the note field of your line item

    • You can manually key in the Sales Order ID. Example SO0001.
    • You can scan the barcode on the Sales Order PDF. Example y9-0p-ord-1.
  2. Each line item can only contain 1 Sales Order ID.
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