Step 4: Adding Pricing Matrix

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Now that your customers are imported, let's configure your pricing matrices. At YoPrint, we define embellishments or decorations as services. Every service will contain a pricing matrix as well as application locations.

Adding a new Pricing Matrix

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click + Service button
  3. Select either a Regular Matrix or Flat Matrix. Learn the difference.

Configuring the Basic Information

  • Name - should be unique across all your services
  • Allow custom product location - Enable this option if you want to specify the location outside of your presets during sales order creation.
  • Product Location - check all the locations allowed for this service

Configuring the Matrix

Primary matrix is the default matrix used to calculate the price when you add this service to any sales order.

  1. You can use + Type button to add option columns
    1. For screen printing, you may want to configure the number of colors.
    2. For embroidery, you may want to configure the number of stitches.
  2. You can use + Quantity button to add more quantity rows
    1. In the picture above, any order fewer than 101 garments will be priced at $6.99/ea whereas any order under 201 garments will be priced at $5.99/ea for 1 color print.
  3. You may use the red trash icon to delete any column or row

Regular Matrix vs Flat Matrix

Flat Matrix differs from Regular Matrix in terms of how the price is calculated. With a Flat Matrix, the price will be charged once and NOT per garment in the cart. To illustrate this point let's assume you have priced 1 - 100 garments at $6.99 and you have 50 items in the cart.

  • With a Regular Matrix, the total would come to $6.99 x 50 = $349.50
  • With a Flat Matrix, the total would come to $6.99
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