How to troubleshoot CSV Import Errors

YoPrint CSV Importing consists of 2 steps processes:

  1. Validating all the data in the CSV file.
  2. Perform the actual process of importing the data into your account.

In step 1, YoPrint will not proceed to Step 2 if any errors are detected. No data will be imported.

YoPrint will notify you via email and provide you with an annotated CSV file with error messages on how to fix it. You will need to fix all the corresponding errors in the original CSV File and re-upload the file.

In step 2, if YoPrint encountered any errors, we will send you the rows that we failed to import along with the error messages. 

Since other rows from your original CSV file are imported into the system, you can edit the CSV file with annotated error and re-upload that file directly to our system to prevent duplication in the import. We do take care of de-duplication in some cases such as: Customer that has the exact same name in an existing entry will be skipped.

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