Sales Order Page Overview

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In this article, we'll provide an overview of what you can do and see on the Sales Order page. Let's explore what this page has to offer.

All Sales Order at a Glance

You can see all the Sales Orders you've created here and download the Sales Orders as a CSV file. You can also refresh the page to get the latest data.

Creating a Sales Order

You can quickly create a new Sales Order here. Take a look at how to create a Sales Order here.

Global Search

You can use Global Search to search for a particular Sales Order. Learn more about Global Search here.

Rearranging Columns

You can rearrange the columns to your liking. Any changes made here will be saved to the user account and will be synced across all devices.

Filters to Prioritize What You Want to See

You can use the premade filters on the right of the list or you can create your custom filters to show only what you want to see. You can learn more about filters here.

Column Options

You can choose what you want to include in the list.

Bulk Options

You can tick the checkbox of one or multiple Sales Orders and this will reveal some options that you can choose.

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