Sales Orders vs. Quotes: What are the Differences?

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When to use a Quote

You typically create a Quote for new orders in order to get approval from the customer. If an order is at the Quote stage, it means negotiations are still ongoing, and the order is not ready for production. Once it is ready for production, you convert the Quote into a Sales Order. 

When to use a Sales Order

Sales Orders show up in the production view in YoPrint. This means that the jobs, tasks, and shipments in a Sales Order show up in the Job list page, Task list page, Shipment page, and Production Control page. Jobs, tasks, and shipments in a Quote do NOT show up in the production view.

You can skip the Quote stage and head straight to creating a Sales Order if you’ve got a repeat customer with a standard order, e.g., uniforms. You could clone the previous Sales Order and make any small changes necessary, such as changes to due dates. 

You can also get an order approval for Sales Orders before you proceed to production.

Different Workflows

Statuses can also help differentiate a Quote from a Sales Order. A Quote’s workflow focuses more on getting approvals, whereas a Sales Order’s workflow contains everything from approval to production and completion. You can change these statuses in the settings. 

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