Add Non-Garment Products and Setup Pricing

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YoPrint specializes in apparel, but we are flexible enough that you can use it for other, non-garment applications too. Whether you print on banners, cards, mugs, or more, you can still use YoPrint. Here’s how to add custom, non-garment products into YoPrint.

Upload Products with CSV

You can import your custom products into YoPrint with CSV. 

  1. First, go to Configuration > Service & Products > Product
  2. Next, click on Download Product CSV Template. Choose the simple product template if your product doesn’t have variances in sizes or colors. Otherwise, choose the variant product template.
  3. Fill in the product template with your products.

    To understand the headers and value options in the CSV files, please check out this article.

  4. Next, upload the Product CSV Template.
  5. You’ll get an email notification when the import is complete.
  6. You can now add the uploaded products to your orders. Click on + Product, search for the product name, and select the product.

Add Products as Line Items

Another way of inserting custom products is as a line item within orders. In a quote or sales order, click on + Custom, and manually add in the product name, pricing, and quantity. 

Setting Up Pricing

To setup pricing for CSV-uploaded products, check out this article:

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