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YoPrint’s Quote Approval workflow allows you to request your customer to review the order details and sign their approval so that you can move forward with the next steps with confidence. In this article, we will cover the Quote Approval workflow in detail.

Send a Quote Approval Request

  1. Navigate to https://app.yoprint.com/quote. You can also access the Quote page from either the dashboard or navigation bar, as shown in the screenshot below.
  2. Double-click the quote you wish to send out. You’ll be taken to its details page
  3. Click on Create Request.
  4. Type in the message you’d like to send to the customer (1). Once done, click on Email Now (2) to send it to them.

The email will be sent to everyone in the Email Recipients portion 

Note: Email Later Functionality

If you prefer to send a customized email to your customer for the approval, just use “Email Later” functionality. This will create the Approval request but not send it. You can then send a message via Message Customer which contains a link to the Order.

Approve a Quote

This is what the email looks like on the customer’s side. It’s branded with your logo and you can customize it to send using your domain name as well. When customers click on the Review Approval button, they’ll be taken to the Quote page in their portal.

Once there, they can look through the order, and once they’re ready, click on the Review button.

If they’re happy with the order, they can select ‘Yes, everything is good.’ If they need some changes, they can select ‘Not yet, I need to change something,’ and then provide their comments. 

Customers will see your terms and conditions before they sign off on the review.

The customer portal is also optimized across devices, so your customer can go through this process on their phones and tablets on the go.

Once the order has been reviewed, you’ll get an email in your inbox, and a notification in the app.

Clicking on the button in the email or clicking on the notification takes you to the quote in question, where you can see the approval status.

Convert Quotes to Sales Orders 

If the order was approved, and your customer has paid any required deposits, you can go ahead and convert it to a sales order, marking it as ready for production. If you need to make some changes, you can do so before sending another quote approval request using the same steps outlined above. 

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