Customer Portal Overview

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This article provides an overview of the Customer Portal.

Access Customer Portal

  1. Navigate to
  2. Double click the customer to view. Click on the Portal Link.

Customer Portal Layout

This is the general layout of your customer portal.

  1. Business Logo
  2. Customer Details
  3. Customer Balance
  4. Outstanding Approvals
  5. Active Quotes
  6. Active Sales Orders

Note: You can customize the domain that your customers use to access the customer portal. Click here to learn more.  

Order Details

Your customer can click on the Sales Order to view all related information.

  1. Customer Primary Actions
  2. Sales Order Details
  3. Job Details
  4. Outstanding Approvals
  5. Shipment List
  6. Payment Records
  7. Customer Notes

Shipment Tracking

When you navigate to Shipments, you can track all your UPS Ground shipments with the tracking number.

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