Generating a Shipping Label

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We've covered how to add shipping integration in other articles. In this article, we will show you how to use the shipping integration. In this example, we will use UPS, the steps are the same for FedEx as well.

Generating a Shipping Label

You can generate a shipping label from our Shipment Details Dialog. In this step, we assume you've already created an order with Shipping Method using UPS / FedEx.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Double click on the sales order with the UPS/FedEx Shipping Method
  3. On the Shipments Sidebar, double click on the target shipment
  4. In the Shipment Details Dialog, click on Create Label
  5. Adjust the weight if needed, select a shipment speed and click Create

Printing the Label

Once created, you can now print the label.

View Live Package Tracking Information

Additionally, if you click on the tracking number, you see the complete package tracking option within YoPrint including the option to void the label if needed.

Package Tracking Information In Customer Portal

Finally, we expose the same information in Customer Portal to help you cut down on support calls.

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